Sunday, November 25, 2012

...much better...

Why yes...that *is* a pink Christmas tree.
Most of the ornaments are vintage Shiny Brites

Greenery courtesy of my neighbor's evergreen, 
that suffered its demise during the big storm

The piano.  The birds' nest is genuine.

All put together by lil ole moi.

"Flowers" are made from vintage book pages.

I made the sign.

If you'd like your house styled for Christmas, or know an individual or a corporate entity who might have use of that type of service, please let me know. (I'm also an event planner...from birthday and dinner parties to corporate shindigs)


  1. merveilleux, j'aime surtout les fleurs de pages de livres!

    1. Merci, tachitup.

      I've seen them done with vintage sheet music as well. Maybe next year.