Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome To The 21st Century, Upper Mount Bethel Township...


Here's an update on Upper Mt Bethel:

Everything seems to be back to quasi-normal.

Except, of course, where I live :D

Turkey Ridge Road as far as I can tell is completely without power from Church Street in Portland at least as far up as Gallery Lane. It's been out since 4:30 PM on Monday, 10.29.

Before I make the following statement, I'd like to say I've (A) checked the official website for Upper Mount Bethel Township and (B) the Facebook page for Upper Mount Bethel Township.

A lot of people don't like Sal Panto for a variety of reasons, none of which I'll get into here.

Sal is a FB friend of mine; I only known him socially and very briefly at that.

He was *ALL OVER* Facebook this past week. Not on the Easton page or any "official" page, but on his own personal page. There were multiple daily updates from him telling residents where the utility crews were working at any given time, where power had been restored, where you could get gas/charge your devices/find food/shelter - whatever. I mean he was *everywhere*.

Upper Mount Bethel officials FB updates?

(chirp) (chirp) (chirp)

The "official" Upper Mount Bethel FB page is a "like" only page - it contains the brief township bio from Wikipedia.

I even checked the "We Don't Want A Prison in UMBT" page - the last post there was May 9th.

I honestly don't know why UMBT doesn't have an active FB presence. You know where I got what little information I had about what was going on in UMBT? From the Mt Bethel Diner.

I don't have an active Twitter account, so there may well have been a presence there, but as it stands, UMBT social media presence seems to be zilch. I think they should definitely investigate becoming more modern in their approach to notifying residents in times like this.

Let me also add that the great folks at the Upper Mount Beth Fire Department opened the hall for charging devices/facilities/hot coffee and more information than was available on social media.  They are nice folks there at the station.


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